Front Suspension

Bumper: upper control arm
Bushing: lower kingpin
Bushing: upper kingpin
Coil spring cushion
Coil spring: 15% firmer
Front wheel hub - used
Fulcrum pin: control arm

The front suspension is an essential aspect of restoring and repairing a classic Metropolitan. Whether you are rebuilding a Met or repairing a restored car, the front suspension can make a world of a difference in the quality of your ride.

It’s our goal to provide parts for every component of the car. Metropolitan Pit Stop offers superlative front suspension parts and services. We carry a large inventory of front suspension parts for the Nash, Hudson, and AMC models of the Metropolitan, and our fully stocked inventory ensures quick and accurate shipment of products.

Our expert staff at Metropolitan Pit Stop will help you find and order any Metropolitan auto parts including the control arm, coil spring, and king pin, as well as the Trunnion Pinot Pin. For front suspension inventory or questions, browse our online store or call Metropolitan Pit Stop today.