What an awesome shop. I came in with lots of questions and the owner/staff took the time to explain what I should look for when purchasing a Metro. It's hard to find amazing customer service but this shop proves there is great people out there!
Just fantastic, especially with technical advice. The highest recommendation!
Justin, thank you so much for your great customer service. Your whole staff and family members were all so kind and made us feel right at home. Thank you for taking the time with us. I know you stayed late to get my estimated costs to me, again thank you. Let’s take care of shifting, oil, rear service, shocks and check brakes. I will give you a call We. AM to talk about other work. Again thank you for your super great service, it’s a rare thing nowadays.
I have recently received some light lenses from you and found the experience of dealing with you great. I would just like to thank you for being so easy to deal with, your website is easy to use and your products are well priced combined with quick delivery. It’s a shame other companies don’t follow your fine example. I would recommend your company to everyone.
This place is amazing. They had all the original parts I needed to do the restoration work on my 55 Metro.
Just picked up 1958 Metropolitan. It was a barn find and did not run for 10 years. I brought it here and now she runs great! Thank you for the time and attention to detail you gave our Molly so I can now drive her!
This project wouldn’t be possible without you and your company. Thanks Metropolitan Pit Stop for having such pleasant people that take the time to make things right.
You run a very classy establishment, and service and attitude like this is not very common anymore. I’m proud to do business with you.
Thank you very much for the info. We have had our mechanic order all our parts from you as well as some on our own. You all should be very proud of what you are part of – a business that provides fair prices while still providing superior service. That’s how you keep customers for life. I will be sure my son knows where to buy parts when the metro is his…it will be awhile longer though.
My parts show up fast and always perfect! Very nice people and sooo helpful!
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